17th October 2022

Trees For Climate – Calling all landowners!

Oak tree sapling held in a volunteer's cupped hands
Oak tree sapling held in a volunteer's cupped hands

Trees for Climate is a five-year woodland creation programme. In Nottinghamshire the programme is delivered by Greenwood Community Forest with help from the Sherwood Forest Trust.

Are you a landowner, farmer or school with land suitable for planting trees?

Are you in the Greenwood Community Forest area?

The Trees for Climate programme offers flexible and competitive grants. It’s versatile and can support schemes from 0.1ha up, to full woodland creation of several hectares. Hedgerows with trees can be created to enhance connectivity. Low density planting, orchards and mixed woodlands are all acceptable.

Local experts can offer free support to plant, grow and manage your new woodland.

Why plant trees?

Creating new woodlands is a proven way to help tackle the effects of climate change.

Trees can enhance your land and business by:

  • Diversifying your business and generating income
  • Sheltering crops and livestock
  • Cutting pollution
  • Improving soil, water and air quality
  • Supporting pollinators
  • Providing habitats for wildlife
  • Reducing flooding, water flow and soil erosion
  • Providing fruits and nuts

The scheme offers:

· A bespoke service that includes visiting you on site to talk though your project and assess your land.

· A friendly local team with years of tree-planting experience, who will help to keep the process as simple as possible

· Grants of up to 100% of the costs of tree-planting, including fencing, tree-guards, stakes etc.

· A funded, ongoing maintenance plan for up to 15 years to ensure success.


Download the Trees for Climate Landowner Information Pack

Complete the Trees for Climate expression of interest form

Or call Lynn Preece at the Sherwood Forest Trust on 01623 821490 07973377116

Trees For Climate is an England-wide programme of woodland creation led by England’s Community Forests. Trees For Climate is supported by DEFRA and the Forestry Commission as well as Community Forest Trust. Greenwood Community Forest is one of 13 community forests in England. Sherwood Forest Trust is helping to deliver Trees For Climate across the Greenwood area.

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