About Us

We’re a charity established in 1995, passionately devoted to Sherwood Forest.

We work not just for nature, but for people and local communities.

Our projects range from restoring Sherwood’s threatened heathland, tree-planting and woodland creation to getting people hands-on with the archaeology and history of the Forest.

Major Oak Woodland Festival. Photography by Alex Wilkinson Media
Major Oak Woodland Festival. Photography by Alex Wilkinson Media
Saving our forests

Our Mission

Saving Our Forest

Through hundreds of years, Sherwood Forest shrank from a huge medieval hunting forest protected by complex laws, to a fragmented patchwork of wood and heathland, scattered across the modern county of Nottinghamshire.

Depleted by former industries (from charcoal burning to coal mining) and pressured by development, Sherwood Forest today is a patchwork of hidden, often overlooked green spaces.

Yet, from the ancient ‘Parliament Oak’ to the green oasis of Sherwood Heath, fragments of the former Royal forest still remain. With your help they can survive and thrive.

80% of Nottinghamshire’s heathland has been lost since 1800 – along with the birds, bugs and beasts who can live nowhere else.

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Our people too

Our Mission

About People, Too

Our work isn’t just about nature.

Sherwood Forest has always been a partnership between people and nature.

Working with local people, farmers and private landowners, other charities, local groups and local councils is vital.

We believe that the best way to secure a green future for Sherwood Forest is to help local people get hands-on with natural and conservation heritage, while in the background, strategic work goes on – bringing together the many different agencies who have an interest in this unique and iconic English landscape.

About Our Work

What Do We Do?

The Trust is able to work across the whole of Nottinghamshire, including the City of Nottingham, plus the District of Bolsover.
Our work has four main strands:

From seed hunt days with local schools to helping deliver the Government’s Green Recovery Strategy, the Trust runs projects to help secure a greener future for Sherwood Forest. We also provide conservation advice to local farmers and landowners.

Sherwood’s history, heritage and legend, is important. From community archaeology to online history talks, we help unveil the Forest’s fascinating past.

Helping make modern Sherwood Forest more vibrant and connected place, we foster Forest gatherings, from village tree planting celebrations to the Major Oak Woodland Festival.

Encouraging all to work towards a common goal through shared visions for Sherwood Forest.Supporting the Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group, championing the 50-year Purple Vision, bringing together Sherwood Forest stakeholders to create a Green Vision for the future.

Grassroots Practical Work

  • Get people hands-on with local conservation and heritage
  • Involve local schools in Sherwood Forest’s history and nature.
  • Organise fun community events that bring people together.
  • Celebrate the crafts, skills and local produce of Sherwood Forest.
  • Help community groups to manage local heathland.
  • Plant native British trees in Nottinghamshire, following the philosophy; ‘The right tree in the right place, planted the right way, for the right reasons.’

Strategic Work

  • Working to bring together the many different stakeholders of the Sherwood Forest area – helping to repair a fragmented landscape.
  • Hosting the ‘Guardians of Sherwood’ farms liaison role.
  • Supporting the Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group.
  • Advocating the ‘Purple Vision’ for the future of Sherwood Forest, and working with partners to formulate a new ‘Green Vision.’ Creating a ‘Right Tree in the Right Place’ document to guide local woodland creation and restoration.
  • Supporting responsible ‘green’ tourism and the potential of the Robin Hood legend.
  • Championing the concept of a Sherwood Forest Regional Park.
strategic work

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to local businesses, councils and community organisations, at very competitive rates.

We operate this work as a ‘Not For Profit’ company, so all income directly benefits Sherwood Forest – its nature and local communities. We don’t charge VAT.

We can help with:

Conservation Management

  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Managing nature sites
  • Community Engagement Plans and Activities
  • Conservation and stewardship funding advice for farmers and land managers
  • Tree planting schemes
  • Country Park and Greenspace risk assessments
  • Woodland Creation Grants
  • Tree felling licences

Playground Design

  • Design of Outdoor and Woodland Children’s Playgrounds


  • Tourism strategy and consultation (Sherwood Forest / North Notts)


  • Community events and festivals (‘Green’, heritage and woodland events)
  • ‘Hands on’ heritage and conservation for schools / community groups


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The Team

Meet Team Sherwood

Meet the small and dedicated team delivering programmes for landscape restoration and creation, community involvement and education across the historic Sherwood Forest area.


Dr Patrick Candler

Chief Executive


Hilary Limb

Finance & Administration


Susie McGraw

Spirit of Wartime Sherwood Project


Matt Smith

Conservation Manager

Untitled design

Isabelle Pass

Community Tree Nursery Officer


Katie Doull

Community Volunteer Co-ordinator

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Katie Vickers

Community Conservation Officer


Jessica Smith Launay

Communications and Marketing Officer

Help protect sherwood forest


Help Protect Sherwood Forest

Our mission is to protect and promote Sherwood Forest – its heathland, woodland, heritage, legend and modern day communities.

The Sherwood Forest Trust is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and a registered charity. We are not part of any larger national charity.

We depend for our existence on donations, grants, local business sponsorship and earned income.

Stand up for Sherwood Forest – donate today.

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