17th May 2021
Volunteering: Nicola’s Experience
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Picture 1

My name is Nicola, and I’m a 3rd year university student studying Geography at The University of Nottingham. Currently I am volunteering on a placement with The Sherwood Forest Trust.

Volunteering is always great to get involved in, and with plenty of opportunities available there is something to suit everyone. Not only does voluntary work enhance the CV, but it provides young people with an insight into a working environment. The opportunity to learn on the job is invaluable and there usually is no pressure to get everything right first time. This allows young people to build up experience, gain confidence and improve social skills. Volunteering also provides a chance to experience new things, such as getting to know a new area, meeting new people, and learning new knowledge.

Volunteering can also provide an escape from other elements of life, such as work, school or university. Personally, I enjoy working with The Sherwood Forest Trust because it provides me with a project aside from my university work. Especially with the current pandemic, and being stuck indoors more than usual, volunteering has allowed me to have an independent activity separate from my social bubble and has provided some structure. I have been assigned to take photographs at Sherwood Forest, which has connected me with the outdoors, helped me develop a skill, and allowed me to explore my creativity. This can be true of many volunteering opportunities, which can allow for people to connect with nature, and find a creative outlet, both of which have been proved to significantly help mental health.

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