Trees For Climate

A 5 year woodland creation programme, delivered by the Sherwood Forest Trust in partnership with the Greenwood Community Forest.


Launched in November 2020, Trees for Climate is a multi-million pound woodland creation program, part of the national Government-led Nature for Climate Fund. It is delivered by England’s Community Forests, a collaborative partnership transforming landscapes and communities around major towns and cities for over thirty years.

Goals: Trees for Climate is a key component of the national Government’s commitment to addressing climate change and carbon mitigation through widespread tree planting. Beyond its environmental impact, the program is driving broader social, economic, and environmental transformation across the country.

Progress and Achievements: Over the first three years, Trees for Climate has made significant progress, positively impacting the communities it supports. The program’s success is attributed to a collaborative approach involving communities, landowners, Forestry Commission, Natural England, and ongoing support from Defra.

Commitments: Trees for Climate is committed to:

  • Mitigating carbon through tree planting for a significant contribution to net zero.
  • Improving climate resilience through natural flood management, shade provision, and reducing the heat island effect.
  • Enhancing water and air quality.
  • Increasing public access to woodlands, especially in areas of greatest need.
  • Enhancing habitats for wildlife and biodiversity.
  • Supporting community engagement, health, and wellbeing, particularly in areas of health inequality.
  • Embracing innovative approaches and sharing learning to advance the entire sector.

Significance and Expansion: Trees for Climate is one of the most substantial joint delivery programs across the England Community Forest network since its inception three decades ago. It aligns with Defra’s England Trees Action plan, aiming to triple tree planting in England by 2024.

Investment and Benefits: Investment through Trees for Climate is building capacity across all Community Forests and supporting good program management and development. Recent research by Liverpool John Moores University reveals that for every £1 invested in year 3 of the program, there is at least £22 of benefits, measured in natural capital assets and biodiversity improvements.

Download the full Trees for Climate 2023 report here, or visit England’s Community Forests website for more information

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