Robin Hood

Robin Hood stories began as tales told at the fireside in cottage and castle, only later taking written format when the printing press revolutionised communication.

Each new generation discovers new aspects of the legend. Today Robin features not only on movies screens and stage shows but also in computer games and AR experiences.

The plucky outlaw who fought tyranny and stood up for the common man, remains a source of pride and inspiration both locally and around the world.

Robin Hood (2)
Robin Hood (2)
Robin Hood


Robin Hood: Fiction, History or Myth?

Where can you find the original Robin Hood ballads? Books written about the outlaw? Films on the famous hero?

The International Robin Hood Biography (by a Danish scholar) is a comprehensive listing of Robin Hood references and resources, history, fiction and legend.

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Robin Hood Links

The number of websites with Robin Hood material is endless. Sample just a few of the many Robin Hood lists and links available online.

The Nottingham based Worldwide Robin Hood Society

Robin Hood films and TV series

Robin of Sherwood Fan Club (fans of the 1980s TV series) and Robin of Sherwood Worldwide Fan Club


Robin Hood in Nottinghamshire

Numerous Nottinghamshire places are linked in legend to the celebrated outlaw.

Visit Edwinstowe, the forest village with a fine parish church where Robin and his sweetheart were said to have wed.

Then tread the leafy path to his supposed woodland hideout – the ancient Major Oak.

Pose for a photo by the Robin Hood statue by the gates of Nottingham Castle.

Feeling adventurous? See if you can locate “Robin Hood’s Whetstone” – an ancient forest boundary marker hidden deep in a modern pine planation.

Fancy an armchair challenge? Scour your ordnance survey map to locate “Robin Hood’s Cave”, or marshy Fountaindale, where Robin Hood met and fought Friar Tuck.

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The Major Oak

The Major Oak, legendary outlaw hideout.


St Mary’s Church Edwinstowe

St Mary’s Church, Edwinstowe. Where Robin married Marian.


Robin & Marian Edwinstowe

Robin & Marian statue, Edwinstowe High Street.


Robin Hood, Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle, Legendary Sheriff’s lair.


Robin Hood Figure in Edwinstowe Churchyard

Robin Hood Figure in Edwinstowe Churchyard

Robin Hood Itinerary

Sherwood Forest once stretched from North Nottinghamshire, south to the deer park of Bestwood and practically to the gates of Nottingham Castle. Follow our outlaw trail and discover modern day tourist attractions associated with the elusive ‘Prince of Thieves.’

Figures outside Edwinstowe church


Bespoke Talks & Tours

Local guides – whether professional or led by enthusiastic volunteers – add colour and interest to individual or group visits to Robin Hood Country. Above are some examples of local guiding services. Contact them direct to discuss your needs.


Ezekial Bone specialises in educational entertainment and character-led heritage tours that capture the spirit of Nottingham, City and shire, past and present.

Figures outside Edwinstowe church

St Mary’s Church, Edwinstowe

Join friendly local volunteer guide Greg – dressed as a medieval archer, to see the fine parish church of St Mary’s Edwinstowe. Bookings: Tel. 01623 822430.


Robin Hood Country Tourist Information

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Visit Robin Hood Country

Plan your visit to Robin Hood Country:

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Visit Nottinghamshire

Plan a longer trip taking in the whole of Nottinghamshire:

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Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre building view CREDIT rspb

Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

The RSPB today manage Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre and Robin Hood’s legendary forest home:

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Challenge Robin Hood

Just for fun – some family activities on the Robin Hood theme.

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Robin Hood Country Quiz

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Robin Hood Country Quiz – Answers

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Colouring Sheet

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