Sherwood Forest is special

The world’s most famous heritage forest. Legendary stomping ground of Robin Hood.

Since Victorian times, a magnet for tourists. Today, an threatened ecological treasure.

Over the last 1000 years people have had a huge impact on nature. Sherwood Forest is no exception. Habitats and species have been lost, wooded landscapes cut down, heathland ploughed up or built on  –  the flipside of of human progress and development.  Coal mining, World War Two, each left their marks on this landscape.  

Once spanning over a fifth of Nottinghamshire, through the centuries Sherwood Forest has become fragmented. The picture below shows the extent of destruction and loss.

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What does your donation do?

Donations, sponsorship and grants are the lifeblood of our small charity.  Every pound you donate helps Sherwood Forest at a grassroots level.  Here’s how:

  • We plant hundreds of trees each year, for the benefit of nature and future generations. It costs £5 to plant a tree.  We want to plant thousands of trees in the coming years.  Please help.

  • Our events, such as the Major Oak Woodland Festival, celebrate Sherwood Forest’s nature, legends and heritage.  They raise awareness of this threatened landscape.  These activities are usually free to attend.  But we need sponsors & donations to make them happen.

  • We work with hundreds of people each year, from primary school children to local volunteers looking after their community green spaces.  Supporting them takes time & resources.  Donations help us to engage people with Sherwood Forest’s nature, legend and heritage.

If you stand up for the environment, believe in people power and champion history, help us preserve the landscape of Royal Sherwood Forest.

Tree planting with school children in Sherwood Forest

What is the Sherwood Forest Trust?

The Sherwood Forest Trust is a registered charity based in Robin Hood’s village of Edwinstowe.  Its mission is to conserve, preserve and celebrate Sherwood Forest – its nature, landscape, heritage and legend.

We are the only registered charity entirely devoted to this famous heritage forest.  We are not part of any larger national organisation.  We’re been established over 25 years.  We work at a grassroots level, with local communities, groups and councils.

Forest Facts

  • Sherwood was once a Royal Hunting Forest, like Epping Forest or the Forest of Dean – a patchwork of open grassland and heathland mixed with woodland and ‘wood pasture.’

  • The Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, a remarkable survival of ancient woodland, near Edwinstowe, is the natural heart of modern Sherwood.  But medieval Sherwood Forest was much bigger, covering about a fifth of the county of Nottinghamshire.

  • By the year 2000, 90% of Sherwood Forest’s heathland had been lost, along with much of its woodland, some of which had been continuously forested since the end of the last Ice Age.

  • In 1995, The Sherwood Forest Trust was established to help fight this decline.

  • We protect and champion the whole area that once formed Royal Sherwood Forest.

  • Our mission is to conserve and celebrate the nature, legends, heritage and culture of 21st Century Sherwood Forest.

The Sherwood Forest Trust is the Robin Hood for today.


A monthly donation supports our work to protect rare habitats and work with communities in ancient Sherwood Forest.

Help us help others.