The Sherwood Forest Trust

Working to ensure the survival of historic Sherwood Forest as a national treasure for future generations of people and wildlife.

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Working with Nature and Communities

We’re an enthusiastic and active charity, working not just for nature but for people and communities in the county of Nottinghamshire.

Founded in 1995, we’re the only charity entirely dedicated to Sherwood Forest.

And by Sherwood Forest we mean the wide area north and west of the River Trent that historically formed the Royal Hunting Forest of Sherwood.

Help us to save, improve and extend the habitats of England’s most iconic landscapes.

Let’s work together to conserve its heathland and woodland, celebrate its history and make its modern communities more vibrant.

Watch this short video about the landscape that inspires our work.

The shaded area shows the area of Nottinghamshire historically known as

The Royal Hunting Forest of Sherwood

Map by kind permission of Andy Nicholson, www.nottshistory.org.uk


What do we do?

Our projects engage and empower people to make ‘hands on’ positive changes to their local woodlands, heathlands and green spaces

We encourage people to explore the history, archaeology and traditional woodland crafts of the whole wide Sherwood Forest area.

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About the Trust
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2018 08 10 Sherwood heath open day Demonstration by The Wobbly Bodger
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Help protect Sherwood Forest

Our mission is to protect and promote Sherwood Forest – it’s woodland, heath land, heritage, legend and modern day communities.

We are a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation and a registered charity. We are not part of any larger national organisation and we depend for our existence on donations, grants and earned income.

Stand up for Sherwood Forest.

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Visting Sherwood


Visiting Sherwood Forest

Though not a tourist information service, we’re proud of our local area. We support local businesses, local crafts, local produce and responsible green tourism. Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood country has great places to stay, play and explore.

Read on for just a few examples.

Explore Sherwood

history of the legend

Robin Hood

In medieval times a Royal hunting preserve, Sherwood Forest has for centuries been associated in song and story with Robin Hood.

In legend, it was to the leafy glades of Sherwood that Robin fled when outlawed.

The legends of Robin and Sherwood Forest help give our area its pride and sense of identity. They are stories that have been shared across the globe and down the generations.

Explore our outlaw connections.

Explore History


Explore History

Discover the rich heritage of Sherwood Forest and its area.

The former Royal hunting forest teems with hidden history.

Make yourself part of Sherwood Forest’s history. Find out how YOU can get involved and help unveil its WW2 secrets.

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Our Services

Business 2 Business

Consultancy Services

Over 25 years we’ve learned a lot about Sherwood Forest and its area.

Our staff team and associates can provide consultancy services, ranging from writing a conservation plan for a golf course to designing a woodland playground.

All money earned from this ‘not for profit’ work is ploughed back into the charity and its Sherwood Forest projects.

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