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If you missed Sherwood Forest on BBC Radio 4 Open Country here is the link...
- Thursday Apr 27 - 3:21pm

Radio 4 Open Country - The Future of Sherwood Forest "The forest landscape was created and preserved by medieval...
- Wednesday Apr 26 - 2:03pm

Tune into Radio 4 tomorrow afternoon (27th April 2017) at 3pm, and listen to Open Country. The episode discusses...
- Wednesday Apr 26 - 1:47pm

A significant part of our mission is to educate and enthuse the world about how rich the heritage of Sherwood...
- Wednesday Mar 29 - 8:08pm

Robin Hood

We have to have a page dedicated to Robin Hood and his band of outlaws.

If you visit places or book with anyone linked here, let them know that you heard about them from us, many of the people know us. And if you find this info useful then please donate to our charity, your donation will keep the website fresh and vibrant, that means you’ll enjoy Sherwood Forest even more in the future.

Trails and Tours

  • Here’s an enjoyable trail to explore the Sherwood Forest that will connect you to Robin Hood and his cohorts

NSDC Robin Hood Trail

  • Meet Robin Hood and discover the truth of the ‘Hooded Man’! Follow the trail of historical facts and learn how simple ballads over 700 years old grew into one of the greatest stories ever told. It’s number 1 on TripAdvisor too!

Robin Hood Tours

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