Love Sherwood Forest!

Sherwood Forest is, we think you’ll agree, the world’s most loved heritage forest.

Of course, it was the legendary home of Robin Hood.  Yet it doesn’t look the same as the Robin Hood films and series that portray it, that’s because they are never filmed here! But it is more inspiring than any film can ever capture, and it’s stories and enchantment are waiting for you to discover.

It’s wooded heart, where you’ll find the visitor centre near Edwinstowe, is the rainforest of the UK. There you’ll discover ancient oaks each over 500 years old. Huge hulks of trees in a habitat that has been shaped by humans over thousands of years. Yet it is a fragile and delicate place that might disappear without our care.

Yet when you visit, remember that it once was ‘owned’ and ruled over by a dynasty of Kings. They ruled its people and shaped its landscapes. Without them, there may never have been Robin Hood. This Royal Forest was huge, covering most of North Nottinghamshire. But these days this majestic landscape can only be seen in glimpses, and at certain locations.

Our modern world has seen it decline rapidly over the last few centuries.

We have lost rare habitats such as heathland, acid grassland and ancient woodland and the loss of customs and cultural heritage that have existed for thousands of years.

This has consequences for us all. Help us to halt this decline, today!

“We don’t own or run the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, nor do we own land. Instead, we have chosen to work together with landowners, to influence, to assist and to coordinate this mission.”

Sherwood Facts

  • Sherwood was once a Royal Hunting Forest, the same as Epping Forest or the Forest of Dean, mostly open spaces of grassland and heathland with woodland and wood pasture.
  • The Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, the last remnant of ancient woodland, near Edwinstowe is the natural heart of Sherwood but ‘medieval’ Sherwood Forest covered an area a third the size of central London.
  • By the year 2000, 90% of Sherwood Forest’s heathland had been lost and much of the woodland, some continuously forested since the end of the last Ice Age, has suffered the same fate.
  • In 1995, The Sherwood Forest Trust was established to stop this decline, to ensure Sherwood Forest would survive for hundreds more years.
  • We protect and champion that huge area that Sherwood once was, we are its guardians, not its owner.
  • We protect the natural environment, promote its cultural heritage and champion the communities of 21st Century Sherwood Forest.

The Sherwood Forest Trust are the Robin Hood for today.

Going, going…

Then & Now Map

Over the centuries our progress as a human society has eroded our precious lands. The once majestic landscape of Sherwood has become fragmented. Our picture shows the extent of this fragmentation, destruction and loss. With progress comes a cost, that cost is the loss of species and habitats, of landscapes, of ways of life and humans becoming disjointed from nature.

Please help protect our precious landscapes,

make a donation or become a Sherwood Supporter today.

Will you help us?

We’re continuously developing new and exciting projects to recreate new woodland and lowland heathland, whilst finding imaginative solutions to engage and involve more people in the important work we do.

Helping improve their quality of life, increase their knowledge and passion for where they live and sharing this passion with those who visit Sherwood Forest.

Help us protect it for our children to enjoy, to marvel in its history and heritage.

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