Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group

The Sherwood Forest Trust provide the secretariat and support for The Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group and also organise the annual Forums.

The Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group (previously known as Nottinghamshire Heathland Strategy Steering Group) comprises representatives of conservation groups, land-owners (and those working with land-owners), local authorities, Government agencies, and others with an interest in protecting and enhancing the ecology and landscape of Sherwood.

The Sherwood Habitats Forum at Clumber Park 2014

The Sherwood Habitats Forum at Clumber Park 2014

The Group meets quarterly and also supports the annual Sherwood Habitat Forum Meeting. The Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group (SHSG) is represented on the Sherwood Forest Regional Park Board by the Group’s Chair.

In 1991, the Sherwood Habitat Forum produced Nottinghamshire’s Heathland Strategy (Parts 1 & 2) which set out policies, principles and targets for restoration, re-creation and appropriate management of Nottinghamshire’s heathlands.

In 1998, Part 3 was published to provide some illustrated case studies. An update was published in 2004 with revised targets and details of progress made. These documents are also linked to Nottinghamshire’s Local Biodiversity Action Plan and to the work of Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group (NottsBAG). In 2005, members of the SHSG set out their ‘Vision of the Future for Sherwood Forest’ outlining a “holistic approach to the management of habitats within the Sherwood
area over a 50-year period”. The Habitat Action Plan for Lowland Heathland was revised in March 2011 by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Janice Bradley, then Chair of the Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group.

The Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group’s current work plan (adopted 19th September 2013) focuses on:

  • Biodiversity opportunity mapping (to be used to help set targets and inform monitoring),
  • Producing a biannual “State of Sherwood” Report (with the first published in 2016),
  • Embedding climate change considerations (based on Natural England’s Climate Change Study for the Sherwood*) to develop a set of practical actions that SHSG members can implement,
  • Contributing to the development of the Landscape Partnership bid process for Sherwood
  • Providing biodiversity and landscape technical support for the Sherwood Forest Regional Park
  • Actively exploring the benefits that an ecosystem services approach may bring to Sherwood
  • Working with Natural England to progress the Sherwood Special Protection Area (SPA)
  • Tackling invasive non-native species (INNS) within the Sherwood Forest area, and
  • Considering Water Framework Directive issues in relation to SHSG’s vision for Sherwood and the role of the revised catchment planning bodies.

2012 Sherwood Habitats Forum at Ransomwood, Mansfield

The Group

Regular attendees of Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group meetings include (as at July 2016):

Nick Crouch (Nottinghamshire County Council) Chair

Janice Bradley (Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust) Vice Chair

Carl Cornish (RSPB)

Karyn Haw (Natural England)

Adrienne Bennett & Molly Gorman (Forestry Commission)

Ian Major (The Sherwood Forest Trust)

Norman Lewis MBE (The Sherwood Forest Trust)

Lesley Sharpe (SFT/Campaign for the Farmed Environment / Nottinghamshire Farming and Wildlife)

Paul Tame (National Farmers Union)

Chris Jackson (Notts BAG)

Sarah Spurry (Community Representative)

Kira Besh (Mansfield District Council)

Phil Beard (Newark & Sherwood District Council)

Katie McNamara (Environment Agency)

Jago Moles (National Trust)

Past Chairs

2016 – present      Nick Crouch – Nottinghamshire County Council

2013 – 2016          Carl Cornish – RSPB

to 2013                  Janice Bradley – Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Nottinghamshire Heathland Strategy - Compiled Front Cover - low res


  1. Nottinghamshire Heathland Strategy

The start of it all. These documents form the backbone to both the group and the rationale for undertaking its workplan.

(a) Part One – Principles and Policies (1992)

(b) Part Two – Practice and Projects (1992)

(c) Part Three – Progress and Programme (1999)

(d) An Update on Progress and Future Targets (2004)

2. A Vision of the future for Sherwood Forest – the ‘Purple Vision’ (2005)

This is a great first read before you dive into the depth and breadth of the Nottinghamshire Heathland Strategy documents.

3. The State of Nature in Sherwood report(s) (2016)

The latest reports on Sherwood, with a broader remit of habitats and species. These will be updated over the coming years, with further species and more detail and understanding as they evolve.

Notes of Meetings

Sherwood Habitats Forum 2018

The dropbox link below has the content from the day, including the full programme details.

Click here for Presentations, programme and papers from the day


2016 04 14 SHSG notes of meeting

2016 01 16 SHSG notes of meeting

* Natural England’s ‘Assessing the potential consequences of climate change for England’s landscapes: Sherwood’ report is available to download from:

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