Sherwood Forest in video

The Real Sherwood Forest

‘The Real Sherwood Forest ‘ video tells the epic tale of how a mighty and majestic forest has been a royal hunting forest, a hideout for outlaws like Robin Hood, the setting for great monastic estates and later ducal palaces before mining and modern industry saw a reduction of the wildwoods.

The video also celebrates the current conservation and restoration of this beautiful woodland which attracts tourists in their millions from all over the world, to relax, to play and to connect with an ancient and mystical world.

Produced with support from The Sherwood Forest Trust. Enjoy.

The Major Oak in Winter

A rare look at the Robin Hood Tree in winter. Robin Hood’s tree was named the Major Oak after the archaeologist Major Hayman Rooke, who lived in Mansfield Woodhouse during the 1780’s. It was his favourite tree. During the 19th Century the tree was commonly referred to as the Cockpen Tree because game birds in wicker baskets were placed inside the hollow interior before being made to fight in a cock pen below its branches. Gratitude to youtube user Rustypearl for letting us include this video.

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