Revitalize the people of Oak Tree Heath



VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED – and unfortunately we were close but didn’t get the funding this time.

We THANK EVERYONE who voted, and there were many, many of you. 


This project aims to create new opportunities for people to engage with their local green spaces and help them to mix with other like-minded people. It will create better green spaces for recreation to improve the health and well-being of individuals within the Mansfield District. Increasing the opportunities for people to work as volunteers within the environmental sector and offer work experience and hold training events which will give people the opportunity to learn about ecology and conservation.

Oak Tree Heath is a rare and fragile piece of beautiful Sherwood heathland hopes to help the people who live around it. Robin Hood would have seen heathland like this, lots of it!!

The wildlife includes bats, birds, insects and fungi plus birch and oak trees, all of which are characteristic of Robin’s Sherwood.

Click this link to vote: Revitalize the people of Oak Tree Heath


You can visit the Oak Tree Conservation Group website here… Oak Tree Conservation Group

ITV came to film the group with Andy Hollis of the trust

ITV came to film the group with Andy Hollis of the trust



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