Trustees & Advisory Group

The backbone of a great charity is a strong group of trustees, actively engaged in the strategic development and good governance of the organisation they represent.

We recruit our trustees from our broad partnership and actively encourage them to contribute to the breadth of knowledge, experience and representative nature of the Trust.

There is an executive group of 4 trustees that are even more engaged in the work of the trust. Meetings occur once a quarter with an Annual General Meeting once a year.

We recognise that the trustees cannot encapsulate the depth and breadth of knowledge of people that know and love Sherwood. Therefore, we set up an in-house Advisory Group to bolster the ability work more strategically, and ensure that our partners are as fully represented as possible. We gratefully acknowledge the valuable advice provided by our Advisory Group members.

Patron                                  Sir Andrew Buchanan

Honorary Patrons

Mr Norman Lewis MBE

Mr Hugh Matheson


  • Chair              Terry Yates          Independent
  • Vice chair    Henry Farr           Country Land and Business Association
  • Treasurer     Robert Bealby    National Farmers Union
  • Secretary     Ian Butterfield    Natural England
  • Carl Cornish                                 RSPB
  • Keith Laird                                   Experience Nottinghamshire
  • Andy Medhurst                          Forestry Commission
  • Nick Parsons                                Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust
  • Andy Statham                             Newark & Sherwood District Council
  • Norman Lewis MBE

Sherwood Forest Trust Advisory Group

Chair         Prof. Charles Watkins

    • Norman Lewis MBE
    • Steve Clifton
    • Frank Earp
    • Ursilla Spence
    • Nick Crouch
    • Louise Fleetwood
    • Trevor Pendleton
    • Shlomo Dowen
    • Lesley Sharpe
    • Steve Horne
    • Lynda Mallett
    • Stuart Reddish