Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is ‘to champion the preservation, conservation, learning, enjoyment and economic development of the Sherwood Forest area’.

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simply:

Sherwood Forest – to be the best heritage forest in the world!

The SFT also recognises the Vision for the Sherwood Forest Regional Park (SFRP)

‘…is that by 2025, Sherwood Forest will be a locally, nationally and internationally recognised area of outstanding natural significance and cultural heritage,  where vibrant communities, economic regeneration and environmental enhancement thrive together in this inspiring natural setting.’

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be the lead organisation in respect of all landscape, habitat, cultural, heritage, educational and community activities for the Sherwood Forest Character Area (SFCA).

At a strategic level, the SFT can provide the necessary facilitation and coordination of a wide range of partner and stakeholder interests to achieve more than we could do alone.

At an operational level, the SFT is able to support the specific work of landowner partners to help them improve the quality and integrity of the landscapes that they own.

A monthly donation supports our work to protect rare habitats and work with communities in ancient Sherwood Forest.

Help us help others.