How We Work

Our Principles

Our working approach  is founded on the following principles:

Collaboration – working with others to achieve common projects with mutually beneficial outcomes

Outcome focussed – while getting the right processes in place is important, we will be judged more by the way in which we make things happen

Partnership working
– with a diverse and expanding range of organisations, landowners, land managers, businesses, local groups, communities and
Individuals to help them achieve their goals

Ecosystem services – 
developing a locally sustainable way of delivering benefits for Sherwood

Our Values

The SFT has a  set of values that underpins its work:

Fairness – to treat others with the care and attention that they deserve

Openness – 
to encourage clear communications with our partners, stakeholders and users

Respect – 
for the people we work with and for and the environment in which they live

Enjoyment – 
promoting positive learning, cultural and recreational opportunities for those who live, work and play in Sherwood

Sustainability – 
to develop our skills and those of our partners for the long term betterment of Sherwood

Trust – 
to retain the confidence and belief of others in what we do

A monthly donation supports our work to protect rare habitats and work with communities in ancient Sherwood Forest.

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