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Why The Sherwood Forest Trust was set up

A Forest in Decline

Over 800 years ago, Sherwood’s oak woods and heathland covered 26,000 hectares (64,246 acres). Over time, our precious lands have been fragmented and threatened with destruction from industial and urban development to modern tourism.

A group of interested bodies set up the Sherwood Forest Trust to ensure the survival of Sherwood Forest – one of Europe’s most important places for ancient trees, along with valuable woodland, wetland and heathland.

These precious fragments of Sherwood Forest are the ‘roots’ of our area’s varied and rich heritage. The Trust’s vision for Sherwood Forest is to restore and conserve what is left and seek opportunities to create new areas of woodland, heathland and other natural habitats, linking together remnant areas of our heritage into a fluid and exciting landscape.

We’ve made a great strides towards our Sherwood Forest vision, but still have a long way to go to restore the ancient forest to something like its former glory. The Trust continues to develop innovative projects to link forest fragments back together, creating new areas of woodland and lowland heathland and finding imaginative new ways to restore ‘dormant’ heathland within forestry plantations.

A monthly donation supports our work to protect rare habitats and work with communities in ancient Sherwood Forest.

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