Robin Hood Rides Again!

2018 will see another film about Sherwood’s most famous son – Robin Hood. The merry outlaw has already inspired over 90 films and TV series round the world.

September 21st 2018 is expected to be the release date for “Robin Hood Origins” – an adventure movie starring Welsh actor Taron Egerton (ex “Kingsman”) as Robin, and Irish beauty Eve Hewson as Maid Marian.

Nottinghamshire film lovers are (forgive the pun) all a-quiver to find out how this latest offering compares to classics such as Kevin Costner’s 1991 classic “Prince of Thieves.”

No filming took place in real Sherwood Forest – understandable given that the forest’s historic heart is today a National Nature Reserve with special protection because of its special and fragile ecology.

Old town Dubrovnik stood in for Ye Olde city of Nottingham, and the rest of the filming took place in France and Budapest.

Meanwhile it’s rumoured that at least three more Hood inspired movies are in production – one by Disney and another by Warner Brothers, plus “Marian” – in which a widowed Maid Marian has to take over the reins after the hero’s demise.

One thing’s for sure – the popularity of Sherwood Forest’s most legendary inhabitant shows no sign of waning!

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