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Regional Park

Our Vision

Our vision is that by 2025, the Sherwood Forest area will   be locally, nationally and internationally recognised as an area of outstanding natural significance and cultural heritage – where vibrant communities, economic regeneration and environmental enhancement thrive together in this inspiring natural setting.

Our Strategic Aims

1. To conserve and enhance the nature and landscape of the region.

2. To facilitate the development of Sherwood Forest as a visitor destination respecting the environment.

3. To conserve and celebrate the culture, heritage and history of the region and encourage appropriate uses.

4. To encourage economic development and regeneration that will benefit local communities and the local economy whilst respecting the environment.

5. To facilitate community awareness, empowerment, understanding and well-being, and create opportunities for sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

6. To encourage recreation that respects the environment of the region.

7. To strengthen Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood as an iconic brand and identity for both visitors and locals.

Brief History

The Sherwood Forest Regional Park concept was first considered more than forty years ago as means of better recognising this important landscape area, which contains one of the most important forest areas in the world.

There have been a number of strategic documents highlighting the importance of the Regional Park and the contribution it can make to improving the natural environment, cultural heritage and the creation of new economic investment and jobs.

In 2009, the Sherwood Forest Regional Park Board was set up bringing together key organisation from across the region who were committed to seeing the development of the Park.

In 2014, The Sherwood Forest Trust was given an agreed brief to work on behalf of the Board to turn the concept of the Sherwood Forest Regional Park into a reality.  Over the coming months we will update the web-site with the progress that is being made.


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