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If you missed Sherwood Forest on BBC Radio 4 Open Country here is the link...
- Thursday Apr 27 - 3:21pm

Radio 4 Open Country - The Future of Sherwood Forest "The forest landscape was created and preserved by medieval...
- Wednesday Apr 26 - 2:03pm

Tune into Radio 4 tomorrow afternoon (27th April 2017) at 3pm, and listen to Open Country. The episode discusses...
- Wednesday Apr 26 - 1:47pm

A significant part of our mission is to educate and enthuse the world about how rich the heritage of Sherwood...
- Wednesday Mar 29 - 8:08pm

Aims & Objectives

The Sherwood Forest Trust – Aims

Throughout our operational boundary, but focusing primarily on the Sherwood Forest Character Area (SFCA), the Sherwood Forest Trust will aim to:

Lead on the establishment of  a  Regional Park for Sherwood Forest

  • Promote the spirit and uniqueness of Sherwood
  • Enrich the legacy  of  the forest, now and for future generations
  • Conserve the heritage landscape and wildlife habitats
  • Help people understand and better enjoy their natural and cultural heritage
  • Encourage the creation of improved  visitor and tourism experiences
  • Enhance local communities’ quality of life
  • Provide information, advice and guidance on Sherwood
  • Support new economic regeneration activities
  • Ensure that our organisation is fit for purpose, financially and structurally

The Sherwood Forest Trust – Objectives

  • To secure £2.5m over the next five years from a variety of funding sources to ensure our organisational and financial stability.
  • To lead on the creation of the new Sherwood Forest Regional Park within the next two years.
  • To increase our capacity to manage a broader range of site specific conservation landscape projects.
  • To support the coordination and delivery of new local community events and activities on an annual basis.
  • To provide advice, guidance and expertise to partners and other organisations on all matters relating to Sherwood Forest.
  • To develop a new economic infrastructure to support local businesses and exploit the nascent visitor economy.
  • To set up and manage the Sherwood Forest Data Bank by March 2016.
  • To develop a new range of learning and educational programmes  for Sherwood Forest by March 2016.
  • To develop a Sherwood Carbon-Offset project by March 2016
  • To increase public awareness of the history, heritage and culture of Sherwood.
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