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We all love our children, and even if we don't have kids then we think that learning is very important. So have a...
- Friday May 19 - 2:33pm

A good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. So wrote Bertrand Russell, and looking at this link...
- Friday May 12 - 9:12am

This Open Country episode is from 2011, but it is as relevant today and makes for interesting insights into the...
- Thursday May 11 - 10:51am

I'm yet to meet anyone, who isn't inspired by the great ancient oaks of Sherwood Forest. So don't miss this...
- Wednesday May 10 - 1:21pm

Visit Sherwood

Visit Sherwood - Follow In Robin Hoods Footsteps!

Sherwood Forest, once the exclusive Royal hunting playground of Kings and Dukes, now offers a wealth of active fun for all the family!

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Maps and Tours

Clipstone Park Trail

Why not take the Clipstone Park Trail, and walk through history?

The Clipstone Park Trail is linear and goes from the ruins of King John’s Palace, once the Royal Heart of Sherwood Forest to the majestic Parliament Oak, which stands as a boundary tree for Clipstone Park. The trail is 5.7km or 3.5 miles in length, and you’ll end up at King John’s Palace. You could take a detour and visit Spa Ponds too, which adds 1.3km (0.8 miles) to your walk.

The trail is suitable for walkers, cyclists or horse riders. Parking is available near the ‘Dog and Duck’ public house, heading east out of Kings Clipstone on the B6030 and 2 spaces at the Parliament Oak.

Click here or the image below to get a PDF that you can download and save to use.











Sherwood Forest Adventurer’s Map

We helped out, along with a few partners, with the making of a fantastic Sherwood Forest Adventurer’s Map for Jury’s Inn Nottingham. Not only can you imagine an outlaw using it, but it’s also full to the brim of fantastic facts, stupendous stories and priceless pictures.

Click here to see all the great information, twelve pages that cover every landmark and legend on the map.

produced for Jurys Inn Nottingham by Agenda 21

Sherwood Forest Adventurer’s Map

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