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State of Nature in Sherwood

State of Nature in Sherwood Report 2015

The ‘Sherwood Habitats Strategy Group’ is a partnership of organisations, including ourselves, working in the Sherwood Character Area to secure the protection, enhancement, management and expansion of Sherwood’s habitats.

The Group has published a ‘State of Nature in Sherwood Report 2015’, which establishes a baseline description of nature in Sherwood, including its designated sites, priority habitats and important species.

The report will allow the status of these to be monitored in the future, and will help conservation priorities to be identified.

SFT and Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group (Notts BAG) are proud to host this report on our websites, recognizing the contribution that we hope it will make to understanding Nottinghamshire’s biodiversity over the coming years.

SoNiS 2015 - Published May 2016










View and download the 2015 State of Nature in Sherwood Report here.


Find out more about Notts BAG and their work on Biodiversity Action Plans:

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